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What is Janitorial Services?

Several companies that do offer janitorial services would refer their company as office maintenance service simply because what they mostly do is cleaning offices. This include offering cleaning services in various industries like medical, dentist, law firm, real estate and many more. The people who are working in these facilities often are so busy to do any other maintenance works in the office except keeping the area clean.

This is basically where it is best to call a janitorial service. The employees and staff of the companies make sure that the offices are thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next day. Offices have to be kept clean for health reasons and at the same time, to create a good lasting impression on people who will be seeing it.

For those working in janitorial services that does office maintenance, they are working generally 5 days a week in the evening after the offices are closed. On the other hand, the hours they’ll be seen working on will still depend on the office that hired their service. If it is only a small office, then one person may be enough to complete the cleaning and they may even be able to clean 2 offices a night. Janitorial services commonly do cleaning tasks similar to vacuuming, emptying the trash baskets, wiping off computer monitor, mopping any tiled flooring, cleaning and restocking bathroom including cleaning the sinks, toilets and mirrors, cleaning the employee break room and so on.

Depending on the kind of office that has to be cleaned, there might be additional cleaning tasks that may be included. In addition to the day to day janitorial cleaning services, there can also be other office maintenance tasks that’ll be done less often such as window cleaning.

Windows that are often passed by every day by people may be requested by the office manager to be cleaned. And during the office cleaning, there is a chance that the cleaners have to spot clean the windows inside and out. This cleaning task can be done once or twice per week. Janitorial service that you’re working for can also have special crew that is intended to do window cleaning. For other offices, this is an integral part of their office cleaning maintenance.

When in search of a janitorial cleaning service, there are few pointers that you need to be mindful about. For instance, it is imperative to allocate a portion of your time doing background research on your prospect whether they can do their job well, what others say about them and so forth. By learning about these things, it will help a lot in knowing which one to hire.

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