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Parking Lot Sweeping Machinery

You need to invest on certain equipment when you decide to do the parking lot sweeping business. You must acquire a parking lot sweeper. You need to ensure you get an ideal sweeper for your business. There are four categories of power sweepers, used for different purposes. You need to choose according to your needs. These sweepers are made using different types of technology. There are some that rely on mechanical technology, while others use regenerative air, and others yet which use a vacuum. There are several types, as a result.

There exist truck mounted sweepers. They are usually fixed onto a pick-up truck chassis. The truck bed shall be replaced with the sweeping unit. You will find them with either one or two arms for their sweeping. The one arm one is quite popular. They are used for cleaning parking garages also, since they can get into a low ceiling clearance building like that one. The one arm variety is not ideal for cleaning streets since that needs to arms.

You will also use the box mounted sweeper. You will find it being used to clean larger parking lots. They can cover larger areas before the hopper is filled. They can be sued for cleaning parking lots of large commercial and business office premises.

There also exist street sweepers that are normally used by municipalities, cities, and counties to clean the streets. You will notice these sweepers being accompanied by ticket writing meter maids that issue you a ticket when you forget to remove your car from the street on sweeping days. It is not advisable for anyone who is venturing into this business to buy such a huge machine.

Construction sweepers are also another category. They are heavy duty road sweepers. They are used on construction sites, and are powerful enough to suck up larger pieces of debris, such as bricks, nails, and pieces of wood. They are usually on the freeway when there is road construction going on. You will see them being used to remove gravel and junk which comes up when such work is being done. They can make you a lot of money, since you only use them for such projects. You will afford to charge high rates for using them on such projects.

There are also other sweeping units which can be fitted under the bed of a pickup truck. These are mostly truck mounted vacuum units. They will not have sweeper arms. They are good for those who are new to the business, and landscaping contractors also. They usually suck up all the debris in their path. They function on the same level as sweeper trucks. There is also a tow behind sweeper unit. You will find them easy to use if you are new to the business. These two are the most affordable.

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