Greater Elements for the Business Support

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Select your customers and focus on those who offer the most potential what’s called A, B, C, D categorization. Customers are your big customers who no longer have potential, they are yours, and you must retain them because they will be attacked by the competition. B customers are important, but you only do small business with them, they are customers of your competitors, you must try to recover them. The priority is to put your energies in the right places in sales and your turnover will increase on its own.

Increase the number of your customer visits, if a representative increases the number of visits by 20%

Expand your canvassing through phone solicitation of prospects. Prospecting is necessary to compensate for the mandatory losses of existing customers. The solution for prospecting is to provide time slots of at least one or two half days a week to call on key prospects that will help you develop your business.

Ask for referrals from every satisfied or non-satisfied customer, the easiest way to prospect and find new customers is to call someone else. From business continuity this is a very important matter.

Use sales techniques centered on the needs of the customer and no longer old obsolete techniques of the arguments. You think it’s obvious? Go shopping in a store or do business with a representative, you will see that the majority of them have been very well trained in their products, but have no serious approach focused on your needs that should have a good consultant. The in-house training services of companies are excellent for technical training, but generally not competent for sales techniques.

Use social networks to make you known

Social networks can enable you to achieve several different goals: to make you recognize by your current customers, to introduce you to new customers, to disseminate the offers and products or services that you sell. You must have personal pages or companies in LinkedIn, Video, Facebook, Google+, and Discus. Learn to know how to use them, but also to use the social media of others. There are some things you need to know about not getting banned from the pages you use.

  • Conduct advertising campaigns on Facebook is the cheapest and most profitable social network currently according to the majority of digital marketers. Start trying with small budgets of a few dollars, you will learn to target and measure the results.

Help SEO your website by writing articles that you can publish on the blog of your site or on your LinkedIn page with links pointing to your site. You can also exchange articles with friendly and complementary sites, all this contributes to the SEO of your site, so to its publication on the first page of the search engines thanks to SEO. Some say that a company that is not on the front page of Google does not exist!

Organize targeted campaigns through paid AdWords in major search engines, i.e. Google and Bing. You can start with a small budget to familiarize yourself with the tool. More and more marketers believe that it pays to be visible on a search engine rather than on a poster or in a magazine, moreover it can be cheaper.

Learn how to sell new products, too often sellers sell products they know well and like while there are almost always under-developed product lines to develop.