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The Importance of Taking On Electronic Health Records Nowadays

A lot of change has been witnessed as a result of technology. The usage of electronic health records has brought so much positivity in the healthcare sector. Keep in mind that before this type of system, health practitioners had no choice but to embrace the art of writing down the patients’ health records using a pen and paper. EHRs has made it possible for health information to be transmitted electronically. As a result, the quality of service in the health institutions has generally improved leading to better healthcare for patients. This article outlines the various benefits of embracing electronic healthcare records for both patients and healthcare organizations today.

EHRs make it possible for a healthcare facility to save more time. It is quite difficult to find patients files when the records are stored physically in files. Once it becomes easy to access a patients file, then more time is spent taking care of the patients and monitoring their health. Less time is consumed in retrieving back a patient’s medical file and records. At the same time, less time is wasted as the staff members don’t have to spend the better part of the day filing files and records. According to research conducted, more than 80 percent of healthcare service providers that have embraced the use of electronic health records have recorded an improvement in terms of efficiency. At the same time, the process of accessing lab records is more effective as well.

Most healthcare facilities have recorded an improvement in convenience of its operations. Despite a staff member not being physically present in the office, they are able to access records. Earlier on, you would have been expected to be in the records room to have access to the records. Embracing EHRs has improved the rate of communication among staff members. If a patients records requires being approved and verified by certain authorities, it is now possible as a result of EHRs. At the same time, communication between patients and their practitioners is also possible. If one wishes to change their appointment date with their practitioner, it is now available through the embracing of EHRs.

There is nothing as traumatic as a patient being prescribed the wrong medication. The side effects could be more damaging. However, with the use of EHRs in healthcare facilities, a health practitioner is alerted once a certain prescription is deemed not safe for the patient. The system is able to tell if a patient’s health history matches with their current prescription. The system works wonders when it comes to safeguarding a patient’s health. Today, it is possible for medical practitioners to have access to a patient’s health records with their permission. This makes it possible for a health practitioners to be able to correctly diagnose a patient as they are able to view their past test, diagnosis, examinations that were conducted by different health practitioners. This way, you are guaranteed of perfect health care.

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