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How To Select The Best Chicken Jerky Dogs Treats For Your Dog

If you have pets on your premises, then you understand the importance of giving them what is the best. Keeping your dog healthy and happy by feeding them well will make them love you as their master. The treats that your dog will love the most due its taste and proteins content is the chicken jerky dog treats. Experts and other officials concerned with the health of animals have discovered that some of the chicken jerky dog treats found in the market contains harmful elements which make the dog sick and have led to the death of hundred dogs thus leading to it ban. Make sure that you are purchasing the right chicken jerky dog treats that is not listed as a recall by researching well from various sources such as the internet. Various aspects need to be emphasized to ensure that you are feeding your canine friends with the right treats.

Carry out extensive research on the chicken jerky brands in the market to identify the one ones that have been recalled. One way to know the brands of the chicken jerky dog treats that have recalled is by going to the companies listed by the FDA. If you have mistakenly purchased one of the recalls, you can return them and have a refund or else stop feeding them to your dogs as you will be exposing them to illness. Also, if you have been feeding your pets with these treats, it is essential to take them to your vet for check up even if they have not shown any sign or symptom of ailments because of the items. You will take a lot of time, effort and money doing all this but eventually you will have your dogs in a healthy state.

Look for the chicken jerky dog treats that are grain-free or gluten free before you make any purchase. Many of the food products found in the market contain the gluten protein which acts as a boost to the proteins in the food packed, and it is extracted from some grains like the rye and wheat among another related grain family. It is not right to feed the pets with the chicken jerky dog treats that contain gluten as it has side effects on the dog due to its allergic impact. The gluten protein is known to cause gluten allergies which affect the skin of the pet and its digestions at the same time. Beef, fish, and chicken are the best source of animal proteins need by the dogs. Check out on the FDA list for the brands which are listed and avoid them when buying the chicken jerky dog treats.

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