Five Tricks to Master Your Marketing Performance

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After navigating the rough waters of the marketing industry for the past couple of decades, I have one thing to tell you: By no means am I a magician of any sort! Some people believe that a good marketer has the ability to fix just about any problem that comes around, from fixing poor name recognition to slowing down the sales cycle!

While a great marketer does have the ability to work on some of those issues, no marketer can truly make certain aspects disappear with a magic wand! Many of your clients will be disappointed to hear that marketing simply does not work that way. There are times when you have to break the rulebook and show them how the illusion works. When you swing the curtain open, you will see their disappointment. Consider it the same as telling a child the truth about the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.

However, once you know you do not have to live up to the expectation of being a miracle worker, life is going to get a lot easier. You are going to be able to make true changes in campaigns that will have a real impact on the business. Here are just a few things that worked wonders for Fat Free Media.

Create Goals

We know that any marketing campaign can get rather complex quite quickly. You are going to get a lot of input from your clients and colleagues about what needs to be done. You need to listen to their input, as it is important, but only take what you need from it. Take all that you have gathered and create two specific goals that need to be focused on.

A good example of some attainable goals would include driving demand and building brand awareness. There is no need to worry about details and specifics at this point, simply choose two goals to focus on.

Considering the “What if” Scenario

Take a moment and consider a world where everything is perfect. Your product is flying off the shelf, customers love you, and the media wants to know how you are accomplishing everything. Now, walk yourself backwards from this scenario.

If you had actually focused on your two main goals, how would you have arrived at this place? Look at the opportunities you would have seized during the specific times and places they would have made that success seems magical.

Mapping Tactics

Tactics are an important part of your career. In fact, in my opinion, I would say tactics make up at least 90% of marketing. Great ideas never happen on their own. Success is going to take a lot of diligence, stamina, and good old hard work. Wars are won and businesses are built with solid tactics.
You need to map your steps to the “what if” scenario and run it against the major goals you have already listed.

Embrace and Acknowledge Feedback

The vast majority of marketers do not like to see the word feedback. In fact, when must of us see that in an email header, it takes quite a bit from just deleting without reading.

You need to change your way of thinking. Unbelievably, the vast majority of people actually want to help, you need to trust them and hold the conversation. You do not always have to act on their advice, but it is helpful to listen. This is a great opportunity for unbiased feedback. Take time to explain your what if tactics, your goals and allow them to enter in at a grassroots level for a thought-provoking conversation. In fact, their suggestions can help lead you to a better way of your “what if” situation.

Finding a Secret Society

In the near future, I will be arriving at a retreat with 45 other marketers. It is essential to try a join a group of marketers to discuss not only your challenges but your triumphs as well. These small groups of individuals will talk openly and the ability to get great advice is wide open, you will find this time some of the best in your professional career.