How Acceleration Switches Changed The Face Of Safety

The accelerator switch is an underrated part of modern life. It is a switch that has many different uses, but most notable is how they make vital safety measures possible and in a way that you might not even realize. They are a switch that will activate or deactivate when they reach or descend from a certain level of acceleration.

This can often be thought about in terms of the movie Speed, in which a bus was rigged to blow up if its speed dropped below 50 miles per hour. This obviously fictional example shows the type of scenario where an accelerator switch would be used. 

In real-world terms though, accelerator switches have been used to revolutionize certain safety measures. This has made military applications, air travel, and many other types of engineering projects a lot safer than they once were.

Disarming The Bomb

One great example of its use in improved safety is the handling of bombs. You’d imagine that if you are handling a warhead then you might be very nervous about the possibility of inadvertently setting it off. With an accelerator switch though, anyone handling these bombs can breathe easily. 

This is due to the fact that under normal circumstances these bombs are going to be inert and therefore can’t go off. They will only become active once they reach a certain velocity, and at that time they are going to be flying through the air and on their way to the target, hopefully far from wherever you may be.

It’s fairly obvious then that getting a reliable acceleration switch manufacturer such as Select Controls Inc is vitally important, as this is a component that has to work correctly every time. Warhead safeguards aren’t the only way they protect us.

Commercial Air Travel

When it comes to fears about safety, air travel is one area of common concern for many people. You never want a plane to have to send out an emergency signal but if you are in an emergency, you want to make sure it works.

These type switches or sensor switches are used in emergency locator transmitters, which will mean that help is called for at the earliest possible opportunity. These types of devices are activated by rapid deceleration, water contact, or other abrupt changes in velocity.

A Vital Component

As the world gets more technologically advanced, there is no question that it is getting safer. It’s not only in these hugely important moments that acceleration switches are crucial; as they are valuable in simple applications, such as making sure that packages are handled correctly.

There are many other uses for the ingenious little sensors too and they are a remarkable piece of technology. Using a high-quality sensor will ensure that the right data is collected, disaster is averted, or rescues can be carried out. They have helped to revolutionize the world of safety but are a vital component in many different industries too.

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