How to Fund Your Valentines Celebrations

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With life as busy as it is, sometimes you need a big day like Valentine’s to remind you to treat your partner to something special. This means so much more than a card and some chocolate. Done right, you can remind your partner of how much you care and even reignite your relationship, particularly if it is on a milestone anniversary or you plan on proposing.

Don’t do the same old dance. This Valentine’s go all out. Get the bells and whistles, show your significant other how special you are to them. Funding these celebrations should never be a barrier, either, so long as you plan accordingly and know how to secure the funds in advance. To do this, and to give your partner a Valentine’s to remember, follow this guide:

Planning Your Valentine’s Celebrations

The first step to any Valentine’s is to plan it. You cannot accurately and should not budget for your event before you know what you want to do. It’s all too easy to misjudge how much an event will cost and end up budgeting for too little.

Know What Your Significant Other (SO) Likes

When choosing your Valentine’s Day celebrations, you really do need to cater it to what your SO likes. If they have always dreamed of hosting their very own Valentine’s Day party, then start figuring out where you can host it and what other party planning tasks you need to do. If, on the other hand, they would love a villa on the beach, that is another set of costs to account for. Going all out like this is necessary every so often to show your SO that they mean more to you than anything else.

Finding Events and Things to Do

If you are planning last minute, always double check on what events and activities are available throughout your city. A great party or experience could come up just a few months before Valentine’s Day, and only sticks around for a short period as a fun, exciting pop-up event.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift

If your Valentine’s Day includes gifts, then it’s time to kick it up a notch. For one, gifts that aren’t appreciated are a waste. You need to be incredibly thoughtful in what you get so that your partner will:

  1. Love it
  2. Use it often
  3. Try something new

It’s also wise to avoid buying your partner something they are incredibly passionate about, unless you know a specific item that they have yet to buy for themselves. A good trick to buy them something that is nice to have that would better their passions. If he loves watches ,you could get a watch case; if she loves fashion, you could get her a beautiful standing clothes rack to display her clothes, and so on.

Budgeting Your Valentines Celebrations

Once you know what you want to do and buy for your partner, it’s time to budget for it. Only when you carefully plan how you intend to fund these celebrations and any big gifts can you actually follow through.

Make Note of All Costs

Getting tickets for an event is one thing, but you should always double check to ensure that there aren’t any hidden costs. Perhaps to get into the VIP section you need to pay more, or perhaps the cost of food and drink if you go to a restaurant. Don’t let these smaller costs blindside you, so you can give your date the Valentine’s that they deserve.

Consider Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation is often ignored when planning for a trip, and so too can accommodation. Always double check these costs in advance, and even consider hiring a private car service so that you can lock in your price instead of relying on a taxi service’s metre.

Funding Strategies

Now that you know what you are doing and more importantly how much it will cost, you can then work out how to acquire the funds you need. There are a few great options to consider, but in the end, it will boil down to how soon in advance you start to plan your Valentine’s date:

Plan in Advance and Save

If next year’s Valentine’s Day is a big milestone in your relationship then, by all means, go all out for that day. Doing this will help you iron out all the details but more importantly give you the ability to put aside the right amount per month. Just remember to account for inflation; the cost of your big Valentine’s date might go up before you pay for it and lock in your price.

Choose Companies That Offer Payment Plans

Certain companies offer payment plans, though these are rare. Usually they also only offer these plans in the lead up to your booking, as is the case with a few resort packages.

Take Out a Log Book Loan

If you need the money on short notice, the best place to get it is with a loan. There are so many different loans out there as well that you can easily secure the money you need to go above and beyond for your SO this year. If you have a car, for example, you can benefit from log book loans. The process is incredibly easy. All you need to do is contact us, and we will provide you with a loan in exchange for temporarily owning your vehicle. You can still drive your car during this repayment term as well, making it an easy way to acquire a loan even if you haven’t built up that much credit. As Car Cash Point doesn’t have a penalty fee, you can even repay all that you owe in a few weeks, though most loans range from 1 to 5 years.

Doing Valentine’s day right can be expensive, but by being very specific about what you want to do and how much it will cost you will be able to effectively save up for or take out a loan to help fund your big Valentine’s Day plans.