The Six Best Promotional Products in Australia for Your Next Event

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You are on a promotional tour through Australia again. It is time to hand out your products and spread the word about your brand. Your company has an amazing budget, and they are letting you gauge exactly what the consumer wants. Sure, everyone loves free stuff, but not everyone wants free stuff. The right product will leave your table like hot cakes, while the wrong item will sit there as you beg people to take it away. As a Tour Manager, the biggest defeat is having to mail pounds and pounds of non-distributed promotional product back to corporate. This could cost your company thousands of dollars, and it will reflect badly on your performance. Learn about what products will move this year and help gain your brand the recognition it deserves. 

Cell Phone Pop Sockets Prevent Damage 

Apparently, many people are dropping their phones recently. And the bigger the phone, the harder it gets not to drop it. Pop sockets are the pop out circle that easily adheres to the back of any cell phone. Everyone can use one, and gift one. Just make sure you do not buy the cheapest one because they tend the break too easily. Opt for the stronger models that will only cost you a tiny bit more and reflect better on your brand. 

Lip Balm Balls Are the Newest Trend 

Forget the traditional stick version of lip balm and choose the trending ball version. They are fun, noticeable, and most of them come in a smooth, sexy finish. They look very upscale in black. 

Drawstring Bags Are Great for Everyone 

These will be useful at your event itself. People are always purchasing items or receiving freebees at events, and then they have nowhere to put them! Help them put it on their back. These are great for all ages and all genders, and maybe that’s why they quickly became one of the best Promotional Products in Australia

Recyclable Tote Bags Are a Hit with the Ladies 

Many ladies prefer tote bags over backpacks. These are easier to access especially if they have children with them and they constantly need to access snacks or emergency items. Really with any type of promotional bag you cannot go wrong, and people are sure to be looking for them. 

Silicone Wristbands Are What Everyone Is Wearing 

Silicone wristbands are great for everyone and kids love them. Once some people put them on, they sometimes never even take them off. They are lightweight and waterproof, so you don’t need to take them off in the shower. 

Fisheye Lens Embrace the World of Social Media 

Millennials love anything that helps them get more likes on social media. Fisheye lens are the latest fun promo item among this demographic. Your logo will be seen every time they hold up for their phone for a photo. These are very popular at concerts and festivals.