What are tips for successful sports betting in tennis betting?

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Like any other sports, tennis betting is equally tough and needs careful examination and review. So here are some tips for successful tennis betting.

1- Use reputable bookmarker:

It is vital to make sure that the bookmarker you select is reputable and. Having worked too hard, it is irrational to lose your money due to fraudulent bookies.

2- Wager only where there is value:

One of the most crucial and obvious points is to wager only if you are capable of identifying the value. Do not wager where there is no value.

3- Focus on one area:

It is almost impossible to study every tennis match effectively. Whether it is women’s tennis, men’s tennis, Grand Slam events or the Challenger circuit, focus on the type you are familiar with and specialize in it. Moreover, concentrate on the wagering type and market that you are most comfortable with (such as handicaps, set and game totals). Select the tennis circuit that you are an expert at.

4- Have several accounts:

Having accounts with several bookies increases your overall profit in the long run. This is because you get a greater range of odds to choose from, better flexibility in the market and more wagering types. If you have accounts in only two bookies, you will go with the bookie showing greater odds. But that odd will still be lower compared to another bookie with higher odds for the same match. Same goes with wagering types and markets. Therefore, you need to have multiple accounts. Having accounts in only one or two bookies limits your range of odds, wagering types and markets; and reduces your overall profit on the whole.

5- Maintain a record:

Keep a record (which includes the date, tournament, bookmaker, wager type, odds, profit/ loss, stake, and comments) of each tennis wager for managing money and identifying value. Keeping a record helps you analyze your overall performance such as the consistent profitable wagering types and the tournaments you lose money on. Moreover, this record will guide you on how to pull yourself out of losing streaks.

6- Research well about the seeded players:

A player’s achievement over the past one year decides his/her ranking. So, a player can be highly seeded in an event albeit his/her form. Therefore, research well before choosing your favorites regardless of their seeding as seeded favorites are likely to underperform (though rarely). And back your favorites while the odds are still reasonable.

7- Understand the player’s style:

If you are unfamiliar with a player and their playing style, watch their footage to assess what type of a player they are: whether they are a strong returner, a big server, a baseliner, a serve-volleyer, big forehand or backhand.

8- Check out the head-to-head matchups:

If the player you choose to back and their opponent have faced each other previously, check out the head-to-head between the players. Make sure that you check the opponent well and never take a matchup at face value.

9- Assess the surface and study the player’s preference:

Some players play well at outdoors while some play well indoors. Many players play well indoors due to lesser exposure to elements such as sunlight, wind, and heat. Also, some players well on certain surfaces like hard, grass and clay. So, do not forget to check where the match is set to be held and which the player’s flexibility.

These were some tips for a successful wager on tennis. Incorporate them to minimize your risk and to maximize your profit.