Will the price of Gold keep rising?

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Gold as a precious metal has enjoyed a timeless quality through history. No less so today, it can be considered a storm-weathering asset, able to thrive despite economic uncertainties. In other words, gold prices are inclined to increase during periods of economic and political upheaval. Unlike like other assets, it retains the confidence of its investors, who might lose trust in the banking system and choose to avoid other, high-risk investment alternatives. Like any investment, care should be taken – investing in gold is an important step towards securing wealth for the long-term. Therefore, purchasing from reputable brokers like Indigo Precious Metals is always recommended.

Due to the above factors, precious metal assets remain attractive as investments that can withstand rigorous economic challenges. Gold maintains its primacy, providing a buffer for investors against geopolitical tumult and inflationary pressures. There is, also, an intrinsic value in gold when compared to other assets, whereas paper-based currencies can change quickly when more needs to be printed to offset economic crises. Even when gold prices fluctuate in GB sterling or dollars, etc, its inherent value is unaffected. Put another way, one ounce of gold remains exactly that, and this factor encapsulates why it is one of the best ways not only to create but to protect wealth for the long-term.

Of course, like any form of investment, there is risk attached. Analysis of trends is worthwhile but, as with the implosion in 2008, economic crashes can and do happen. Indeed, they cannot always be charted sufficiently to ensure accurate predictions of what will rise and fall in price. During periods of stability, however, gold prices can act differently from other assets. Prices will tend to drop, with investors taking advantage of calmer economic waters to opt for higher risk investments. Added to this, like other assets, gold prices are subject to a range of circumstances and influences. Yet, despite this necessarily subjective outlook, gold’s reputation as a reliable asset allows the scope to make informed judgements and assessments as to its performance.

The rise of bitcoin currency has heralded some investment shifts from the precious metals market, although it is a case of wait and see in relation to exactly how the cryptocurrency trend will progress. It’s early days for it as an investment asset. Thus, it’s important to note that the primacy of gold, for all the reasons discussed, enjoys a deserved reputation for durability against economic uncertainty.